About Us


Meet the Rundles, as parents of 4 teenage boys, who are passionate about their sport and fitness, we very quickly started to see the negative impact lockdown was having on our boys and their friends.

Together we came up with a solution that was initially intended for our family, but as family and friends heard about our initial G-Fitness GF-010 product, the requests to build one for various families started to increase.

We realised that in creating a solution for our boys, we had stumbled on a promising business concept. This led to the birth of G-Fitness Equipment and as our boys try and test our products and ask for more, so our product range has grown.

Exercise plays such a vital role in building our bodies’ immunity and ensuring our mental and physical wellness.  Therefore, times like these are when we need it most.

Our first few products were manufactured from our home garage and tried and tested by our boys and close friends and family. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, we quickly realised we would need to scale up our manufacturing process and engineer the equipment to perform optimally.

As a result, each unit comprises of laser cut steel members and plates, ensuring maximum precision and accuracy. The steel is then powder coated in a silver vein.  The members are then welded and bolted together such that the entire unit is flat packable for ease of shipping and self-assembly.  Our unit comes with a lifetime warranty on the steel structure. Ensuring the utmost quality is upheld, we use a MDF base and the highest specified marine quality vinyl for our padding system.

The GF-010 base unit is designed to accommodate additional accessories such as our G-Fitness Suspension Straps and Weight Plates add-ons to make the already versatile apparatus even more dynamic.

This is truly the ultimate piece of home exercise equipment.

We are constantly improving and expanding our catalogue of accessories and we appreciate your feedback and on-going support.

The G-Fitness Team